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Whether it's determining your financial future, healthcare preferences, or guardianship arrangements, having the right documentation is essential. NetLaw Legacy is here to provide you with an easy solution for the hard questions in life.

The Big Three Legacy Questions

    Who will care for your young children?

    Without naming a Guardian, a judge will decide who will have custody and control of your children and their inheritance. Naturally, you want to ensure your kiddos go to the person you trust the most. If you wish to avoid custody battles between family members, you should plan your estate.

    What happens to your property?

    Suppose you bought a house or car that you want to remain in the family when you pass away. No biggie! After some time in public court, your assets and bank accounts may finally be accessible to the right person. Or maybe not. If you want to avoid uncertainty, you should plan your estate.

    Who has the power?

    Asking "who has the power" may sound like a silly question initially. However, suppose you become incapacitated for any reason. In that case, you need to have someone you trust appointed to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf. Needless to say, you should plan your estate.
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Our Service

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NetLaw Legacy is your comprehensive online estate planning solution. Quickly create attorney-backed legal documents from the comfort of your sofa without any legal background of your own. Whether stationary or on the go, you can access your account with any device without downloading an app!

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Create attorney-backed legal documents effortlessly, from the comfort of your home, without any legal expertise required.

Last Will & Testament

Also called a Will, this document dictates debt arrangements and asset distribution at death. Your Will is also crucial for naming a guardian for minor children and a personal representative (executor) to oversee the settlement of your estate.

Living Trust

Or Revocable Living Trust is a document often paired with your Will to minimize court proceedings and public records. Certain assets and funds are distributed through your Trust instead of your Will to avoid probate court and maintain privacy.

HIPAA Authorization

"HIPAA" is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This federal law protects your private medical and mental health information. Your HIPAA Authorization designates a person or party that may receive access to your confidential medical and mental health information.

Power of Attorney

This document names and authorizes those responsible for making financial decisions and transactions if you are incapacitated.

Health Care Surrogate Designation

Or a Health Care Power of Attorney is a document that names a person to make healthcare decisions if incapacitated

Living Will Declaration

Also called Advance Directive instructs your physicians and loved ones whether to keep you alive or not if you are permanently unconscious or have a terminal condition.

Here's what you get

You get unlimited changes to all the documents mentioned in the Legacy plus a few bonus perks. You also have access to 15 GB of secure cloud storage and complimentary spouse document preparation. We know you'll love using NetLaw, so we'll even throw in a 7-day money-back guarantee*! (Limited guarantee not applicable in North Carolina)

Last Will & Testament

Revocable Living Trust w/Children's Trust

Financial Power of Attorney

Healthcare Surrogate Designation

HIPAA Authorization

Living Will/Advance Directive

Pet Trust

Complimentary Spouse Document Preparation

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Documents You Can Trust

No, we are not a law firm, but we did begin from one. In 2012, Hargrove Madden, a Kentucky-based law firm, launched a new platform for delivering online estate planning services. That same year NetLaw launched as a separate and new technology company after receiving an award from the American Bar Association for our online delivery of lawyer-backed products.