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10% of all Americans retire in poverty.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, The average American who is 65 or older retires on an income of $36,895 or less per year. For many people, this can be a challenge to make ends meet. - Conquer Your Financial Future Book

The Five Risks of Retirement


Low Rate of Return Risk

The performance of investments fluctuates over time and, as a result, the actual time it will take an investment to double in value cannot be predicted with any certainty.

Market Risk

Many people sacrifice return for safety, and other people sacrifice safety for return. Indexing brings together the best of both worlds

Estate Tax, Probate & Lawsuit Risk

Assets in your name may be subject to estate tax, probate & lawsuits. For example, the assets could be 401Ks, IRAs, Roth IRAs, 403Bs, Annuities, Bank Accounts, and Your Home

Medical Expense Risk

We are more likely to get sick before we die. A Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness could devastate your retirement savings. Beyond 100 days, Medicare pays $0 for Long-Term Care services.

Income Tax Risk

There is a risk of paying income tax. This can take a significant chunk out of one's retirement savings. Be sure to plan ahead and consider this when budgeting for retirement.

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Types of Retirement Income


Tax-deferred status refers to investment earnings—such as interest, dividends, or capital gains—that accumulate tax-free until the investor takes constructive receipt of the profits.


The term “tax-advantaged” refers to any type of investment, financial account, or savings plan that is either exempt from taxation, tax-deferred, or that offers other types of tax benefits.

The Solutions are...

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Indexed Universal Life

Term Life

Guaranteed Issue Life

Indexed Annuities

Guaranteed Universal Life

Final Expense Life

Fixed Annuities

Final Expense

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